Key Creator workflow

Next pedagoo user register Access to your PLS.

1. Enter your Username & Password, and click on Login.
Pedagoo panel user account Next 2. Click on the Tools icon and, later, click on Partner Portal. Previous pedagoo available keys 3. Click on Catalog. Previous Next measureup pedagoo catalog Previous Next 4. Click on SELECT to select a license.

Note. You can have several licenses in your Catalog.
measureup catalog products 5. Search for the product to use and select its type.

For example, you want to order the DVA-C01 Practice Test
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pedagoo catalog products 6. Click on SELECT. Previous Next Pedagoo product configuration Previous 7. Set the product configuration, and click on Order.

Note. The Usage and the Quantity are mandatory.
Next Click on Add to cart to add the purchase to the cart, and continue with your order.
Pedagoo cart 8. Fill in the Order Information. Check the Product information. Click on CHECKOUT. Previous Next pedagoo key registration success Keys have been generated.

9. Click on MANAGE KEYS.
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pedagoo email keys You have several options:

A. Copy the key.
B. Type an email and click on Send.
C. Click on SEND ALL KEYS.
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pedagoo send email Previous Next 10. Type an email and click on Send email

Note. All keys will be sent to the same email.
pedagoo email sent 11. Click on Ok, go ahead. Previous Next pedagoo check out email keys Keys have been sent.

12. Click on FINISH.
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