Next pedagoo user register Access to your PLS.

1. Enter your Username & Password, and click on Login.
Pedagoo panel user account Next 2. Click on the Tools icon and, later, click on Partner Portal. Previous pedagoo available keys 3. On the left menu, click on Groups. Previous Next 4. Click on the New button. Previous Next 5. Type the Group name (required) and a description (optional), and click on Next. Previous Next 6. Select the group members, and click on Next. Previous Next 7. Select the Start date and, if you want, active Add finish date and select the Finish date. Select the group teacher. Later, click on Create. Previous Next The group has been created.

8. On the left menu, click on Catalog.
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measureup pedagoo catalog Previous Next 9. Select a license by clicking on the SELECT button.

Note. You can have several licenses in your Catalog.
10. Search for the product to use, select its type, and click on SELECT.

For example, you want to order the Word 2016 English Practice Test.
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11. Select the Usage, assign it to your group, and type the Quantity. Later, click on Order. Previous Next 12. Fill in the Order Information. Check the Product information. Click on CHECKOUT. Previous Next 13. Click on MANAGE GROUP. Previous Next 14. Click on PRACTICE TESTS. Previous Next Previous Next 15. Select the assigned product, and click on SEND KEYS to send them to the students. 16. Select a group member to send the key or check Send all other members to send one key to each member. Click on SEND KEYS. Previous Next 17. Click on OK, go ahead.

The group students will receive their keys and they can launch their product.
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If you want to see the group score report:

18. Go to Groups, and on your group, click on the three dots and, later, click on Report.
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You can see the User/Group reports.

You can filter by group, by test or by student.
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